A great photocopying machine is an important asset to your business. A good investment can save you time and money, and a bad one can cost you the same. Choosing the right machine depends on your expected print volume, business needs, and capital. Let’s dive into it.

Colour or Black and White Photocopying Machine

Simply put, printing in colour is more expensive. Let’s do a quick comparison so you understand why.

First of all, when you are using only black the printer uses just one black toner cartridge as opposed to four colour cartridges. But the real kicker is, a colour photocopying machine uses more than one cartridge at a given moment to create a certain colour. 

Because in a colour printer, you only have black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. So how does your printer create an orange or red colour? Obviously, by combining some or all of the default colours. In other words, even though you have more cartridges, you will spend them at the same rate, if not faster, than only using the black colour.

It comes down to your needs really. If you are expecting to print a lot of marketing material like brochures and colourful images, then you need colours. But if you mostly print black and white and you will maybe print something colourful occasionally, it would be cheaper to get a monochrome photocopying machine and a smaller colour table printer.

What Is the Expected Printing Volume?

Photocopying machines differ in printing volume as well as their colour output. A larger volume will require a larger machine resulting in a bigger investment. If you are unsure about this part, let us help you a bit more.

Low printing volume, which means a few dozen papers in a few hours each day, requires a machine with the ability to print 20-22 pages per minute. If you need more than that, you could consider getting a machine that prints 50-75 pages per minute.

Another factor to consider is the size of the paper. Most common photocopying machines are created with A4 paper sizes. So, if you need A3 or even larger, you need to consider that before investing.

The Security of a Photocopying Machine

Security is a big problem of today. Most modern photocopying machines have the ability to connect to a cloud system and wifi. This allows you to start printing even while you are not in the office.

However, all these abilities come with different security concerns. Someone can change your printer settings if they are not locked, documents could be stolen if not protected, and finally, you have network spies and invaders.

Exactly for these reasons, Ricoh printers are equipped with special security systems allowing you to leave your office and not worry about your information.

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