Not all business documents need to be printed in colour. As such, it is a smart decision to have black & white printers in your office.

Using this kind of printer lets your organisation save money. For one, monochrome printers are cheaper as compared to colour ones. This means purchasing this device entails a smaller capital outlay.

Moreover, in the long run, the cost of using black & white printers is lower than colour printers. Why? You only need to buy one ink colour (which is black) for a monochrome device as compared to four for a colour printer. 

When it comes to black & white printers, one brand you can trust is Ricoh. A leading printer manufacturer, the company offers monochrome printing devices which are powerful, efficient and robust.

Despite their compact design, these machines are highly capable of getting the job done. They can print crisp black & white documents with a max dpi of 1200 x 600 at an impressive print speed of 47 ppm. 

Apart from producing prints with excellent image quality at a fast printing speed, Ricoh black and white printers are highly durable and easy to maintain. These devices are also eco-friendly with their low power consumption.

Fast, reliable, durable and cost-effective – these are some of the reasons why Ricoh black & white printers are preferred by many companies.

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