Ricoh printers are designed and manufactured with durability in mind. With proper care, these devices are bound to last many years which is why they are excellent for office use.

However, this does not mean that these printers would never bog down during their service life. Even if they are well-maintained, they can still unexpectedly malfunction, especially if they are used frequently.

Printers bog down for a host of reasons – improper usage, paper jam, outdated software and wear and tear to name but a few. Whatever the cause of the breakdown is, it is imperative that the issue is fixed immediately or productivity in your office is going to suffer.

Having malfunctioning printers can lead to work disruption and leave employees frustrated.

Simply put:

Fixing your printer should be a priority, especially if printing is necessary for employees to accomplish certain tasks.

While it is important for your printer to be fixed quickly, this should not cause you to hire just any repair service provider. You need to choose the right company to avoid wasting time and money. How do you do this? Make sure that the service provider meets the following criteria:

Certified and Experienced in Repairing Ricoh Printers

Properly fixing printers requires knowledge and skills which can only be acquired through training. So, it is essential that you pick a service provider that employs trained printer repair technicians.

It is also beneficial if the repair company has people who are certified and experienced in fixing Ricoh printers.


Each printer brand has its signature or unique design or built. Familiarity with the brand enables the technician to accurately diagnose the problem with the device and come up with a long-term fix.

Access to Ricoh Printer Replacement Parts

Ideally, your chosen company should have access to Ricoh replacement parts and supplies.

Why is this important?

For one, it serves as a guarantee that only genuine supplies or parts are going to be installed on your device. As a result, your printer is going to function optimally and have a long service life.

What’s more?

Having access to the needed replacement parts or supplies can significantly cut down repair time. The company wouldn’t have to spend time looking for suppliers of the needed parts.

Quick Response Time

Pick a company that guarantees a quick response time. As mentioned earlier, a malfunctioning printer can hamper office productivity and decrease your revenue. So, you cannot afford to hire a repair services provider that makes its client wait too long.

A word of caution:

Just because a company advertises that it has a quick response time, it does not mean that it is true. This could just be a part of their marketing campaign.

So, make sure that you do your due diligence and research about the service provider. Read reviews from previous clients to find out if the company immediately sends technicians to clients needing help.

First-Rate Customer Service

The service provider shouldn’t just be able to successfully repair your printer. It has to do it in an efficient and a professional manner.

The repair should proceed smoothly, causing minimal distraction or disruption in the office. Furthermore, the work should be completed on time. If it is unable to meet the deadline, the company should explain the reason for the delay.

In addition, the service provider must also be able to promptly answer your queries and provide the assistance you need.  

Your printers are essential office equipment. Hence, you must ensure that their repair is handled by a reputable company – one that is known for delivering long-lasting repair work and unparalleled customer service.

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