Are you looking for a colour printer? You’ve come to the right place! AOT is a trusted partner of Ricoh, a world-renowned printer brand.

Ricoh colour printers are designed to meet the needs of different print environments, be it an SME office or a corporate headquarters. 

Reliable and affordable – these devices can provide the high-quality print outs your business requires.

Using original Ricoh toner, these printers produce prints with outstanding image quality at an impressive speed. The Ricoh SP C830DN, for example, is capable of printing 45 full-colour pages in one minute.

You can also count on these printers to deliver durable prints. The type that won’t smudge, smear or fade. 

Here’s the thing:

Ricoh colour printers offer more than just high-resolution prints and outstanding printing speed. 

They are also packed with advanced features that can help modern workplaces boost their productivity. Some models support remote printing – a feature which allows employees to save time.

What’s more?

Ricoh printers have advanced security features which can help minimise data leaks. On top of the usual Lock Print feature, certain models have a DataOverwriteSecurity System which is meant to avoid the interception, falsification and theft of sensitive information.

Without a doubt, these user-friendly colour printers are the perfect tools in creating professional-looking and durable business materials.

Here at AOT, we offer a wide range of Ricoh colour printers. We certainly have a device that fits your requirements and budget. 

Can’t decide which colour printer to get? Don’t fret! We have trained printer specialists who can help you choose the right technology for your company!

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