Printer leasing is a great way to equip your office with the newest photocopying machine on the market without outstanding capital. Financial flexibility, the latest technology, and a buyout option are all significant factors to consider when an Irish business owner, like yourself, decides to upgrade their office equipment.

So, what kind of printer is the best for you? Do you need a colour or a black and white printer? Let’s discuss this and a bit more in the following few paragraphs. 

The Benefits of Printer Leasing

Let’s start with why you should consider printer leasing at all. One of the struggles you are constantly facing as a business owner is where to invest your profit. Managing income is an important aspect of your business and there are many factors to consider between getting new office equipment and hiring more staff, or expanding on new services.

Luckily, printer leasing can help reduce your worries. When you lease a printer, you can invest in other parts of your business and still rest assured your office equipment will run smoothly because you leased a high-quality photocopying machine.

What to Consider When Leasing a Printer

There are a few factors that can help you decide between colour or a black and white photocopying machine. 

Printer Leasing Cost

While printer leasing already lowers the upfront cost of a printing machine, there is still a monthly expense you have to consider. Generally, black and white printers are less expensive than colour machines.

The reason is not only in the different price of the machine itself but also in the number of toner cartridges a colour printer spends regularly. 

Your Business Needs

Your business needs are the most important factors to consider when leasing a printer. If you are mostly printing black and white text documents like reports, contracts, and similar, a black and white printer will be enough. Even if you need an occasional grayscale pie chart.

However, if you need marketing material that will help your business stand out, you need a high-quality colour printer. There is no space for grayscale advertising when you are presenting your business to new clients, especially today, in a time when advertising is so accessible.

Print Volume

Another fact to consider is the print volume. This doesn’t really concern black and white or colour printing, but it does matter when you think about laser and inkjet printers. You see, laser printers can handle larger volumes at higher speeds. 

You might think what does that matter when it comes to black and white or colour printer leasing. It makes all the difference because inkjet printers are recommended for colour printing. 

If you are planning to print photos and marketing material like colourful brochures, you will benefit much more from a colour inkjet printer. 

Leasing a Printer With Grenke Ireland

If this post gave you enough information and you finally know which photocopying machine you want to lease but you still need a little nudge, let us add AOT works with Grenke Ireland to arrange lease agreements. 

When you are ready for printer leasing, you can give us a call at +353 1 4800506 or send us an email at [email protected]