In the past years, due to advances in technology, photocopiers have been instrumental in improving the efficiency and productivity of companies. They have made it possible for employees to quickly finish document-related administrative tasks and spend more time on activities that directly contribute to the company’s revenue.

Truly, these devices make it possible for organisations’ day-to-day operations to be seamless and efficient. Hence, it is imperative that these machines are in excellent condition all the time. As such, companies need to have photocopier repair service providers they can rely on to minimise or completely avoid any downtime because of a malfunctioning device.

Factors to Consider to Pick Dublin’s Best Photocopier Repair Company

In case you do not have a photocopier repair service provider yet or if you are looking for a better company, below are some of the things you have to consider to ensure that you choose the best one:


Check the company’s capability or expertise. Do they work on one type or all types of copiers – monochrome, colour and multifunction? What brands of copiers do they usually repair?

Ideally, your chosen service provider should have technicians who are knowledgeable about the specific kind and brand of copier you own. For example, if you have a Ricoh device, go for a company with technicians who are trained and experienced in repairing Ricoh copiers or multifunction printers.

It is also best if the company is equipped to troubleshoot all the copy machines you have in your office. Working with just one company is not just cost-effective; it is also going to be less stressful.


How many years has the repair company been operating? Usually, a company’s longevity is indicative of how well they provide service to their customers.

But it is not enough that the service provider has been in the business for so long. It is also important that it employs technicians who have years of experience repairing photocopiers. You can trust a seasoned repair specialist to identify problems accurately, employ the right solutions and accomplish the task quickly.

Quality of Service

The best photocopier repair company in Ireland has an impressive track record of delivering top-notch service.

For one, it responds to repair calls quickly or within the agreed response time. A reputable service provider usually responds to photocopier maintenance or repair calls in four hours or less. In case there is going to be a delay, they inform their clients beforehand.

In addition to quick response time, a trusted photocopier repair company only uses original parts in case replacements are needed. Furthermore, they have a high success rate when it comes to fixing issues on their first visit. This is highly important because, when the problem is repaired immediately, you do not have to worry about extended downtime.

Lastly, the best company provides a repair service guarantee. This means that if the original issue or fault repaired by the service provider re-emerges within a set number of days (say, within 30 days), the repair company would return to repair it with no additional charge.

How to Find the Right Photocopier Repair Company

Now that you know what to look for, let’s talk about how to find the right company for you.

The first step is to create a shortlist of service providers. You can ask for recommendations from people you know or use Google search. Have at least 5 companies on your list.

Next, research each service provider. The quickest way to do this is via the Internet. Determine which companies meet the criteria we mentioned above.

In addition to visiting their website, make sure you check out online business directories like Google My Business. These sites feature testimonials from previous clients. Reviews give you an insight into the quality of their service and the overall reputation of the company.

For some people, they make a choice based on the information they gather online. You can do the same if you have gathered substantial information. But it is best if you interview the company first before making a decision.

Give them a call or send them an email. Ask pertinent information about their company – their response time, their technicians’ credentials and experience and their fees, amongst others. Use the interview to get to know the company better and to assess if they are the right fit for your needs.

Aside from their answers to your queries, pay attention to the way they communicate with you as this is going to give you an idea if they offer a client-centred service.

In summary, finding the best copier repair service provider is easy as long as you know what to look for and employ the right steps.

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