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Once your business has grown to a point where a small desk printer isn’t enough and you want to invest in a multifunction printing machine, you need to give a few minutes, or hours, to think about the best photocopying machine for your business.

Regardless of whether you are leasing or buying a new printer, these machines are quite an investment, and you want to find the one that will suit your business needs the most. In this post, you will learn about photocopying machines prices and their features.

What Determines Photocopying Machine Prices

When you look at leasing a photocopying machine or buying, the first thing you think about is the price. However, pricing doesn’t end with a one-time investment or monthly payments.

You also have to consider power consumption, printing time, and the time it takes your employees and coworkers to assign tasks to the machine. Hence, when you are determining which photocopying machine prices work for your business, take into consideration how much energy they consume, what is their volume, and what kind of technology they offer.

Ricoh IM 350 All-in-One Printer

Ricoh IM 350 is among the best printers you can get for your office. IM 350 is an all-in-one printer, meaning you can print, copy, and scan. But the best thing is that it suits small and busy offices perfectly. It offers time-saving features like a touchscreen panel and double-sided scanning.

At the same time, this photocopying machine is designed to save space and operate quietly. It can fit perfectly in a corner of a small office and you will hardly notice it is there.

But the best part is when you consider this photocopying machine’s price and its ability to save energy. You can buy or lease it, but this Ricoh printer will lower the total cost with its fast processes, automation, and lower power consumption.

Ineo+ 3320i Develop Printer

The Ineo+ 3320i Develop Printer offers a simple and intuitive user experience. Meaning, your staff won’t spend a lot of time learning to work with this machine, which in turn, will lower the overall photocopying machine price.

Ineo+ also offers a decent printing speed in both black and white and colour printing. But it also offers fast scanning and fast fax transmission. Another great feature this all-in-one printer offers is an anti-virus scan engine from Bitdefender plus a few more security features.

Security features, low energy consumption, and excellent eco performance make this printer perfect for larger offices caring about the environment and their document security.

Call for Precise Photocopying Machine Prices

If you like one of the machines in this post or you scrolled through all our products and you want to know more about a certain machine, feel free to contact us for exact pricing and any other questions.

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